Investment Properties

Vacation rentals can provide a nice stream of income as well as a great place for
family vacations. The greater Phoenix market is perfect for this type of property.

In 2018 there were 46.5 million overnight visitors in Arizona and they spent 24.4
billion dollars here.

According to the Denver based research firm AIRDNA the market has exploded her in
the last 5 years.

In late 2014 there were only 687 properties listed on AIRBND in Phoenix and only 245 of them
were rented even one night in December of that year. By March of 2019 that number had
increased to 4,224 listed properties.

Eighty percent of Phoenix AIRBNB listings are for the whole home and the listings were
filled 83% of the month for a daily fee of $247.00 for the entire home. Studios and one
room rentals had a average rate of $126.00.