About Us


Can-ix Realty LLC is a licensed and registered Arizona real estate company owned by Canadians and designed to meet the special needs of Canadian Clients.

The company was created to provide the best service, advice and local information available to Canadians who are looking to purchase or sell a home in Arizona, specifically the Greater Phoenix Area.


What makes Can-ix so special is that it is the only real estate company in the valley that is dedicated almost exclusively to serving the special needs of Canadian clients. Broker and co-owner, Rick Morielli, is a Canadian who is a licensed Arizona Real Estate Broker with over 25 years of experience in Canada and the US. Rick’s wife Andrea, a co-owner of Can-ix, spent their first 4 years in Arizona working in the Land Development Field; first as a Project Manager for one of the premier Engineering firms in the valley, then as the Engineering Plan Review Manager for the City of Avondale. As of 2010, Andrea started working for Can-ix full-time as the VP of Operations. Through contacts that both Rick and Andrea have in the community, they are well positioned to see the Arizona housing market not only as it exists today, but also what’s on the drawing board for tomorrow.


Can-ix has forged links with local experts from various fields that recognize the needs of Canadian buyers and sellers. Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need, before they buy or sell in Arizona.  We know of no other real estate company in the Phoenix area that provides this service. Over the years, our trusted contact list has continued to grow.

We can now offer a complete list of suppliers to help you achieve your dream of owning your own home in the sun. Everything from getting the very best exchange rates to property management, general maintenance and handyman services to house sitting, pool servicing and much much more. When you choose Can-ix Realty, you not only get the best Realtors, you also get our team of trades, services and other trusted sources.

We are also well positioned to help Canadians with the sale of their Arizona properties.  As Canadians, FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act) applies to you.  With the contacts we have in place, we can help reduce the amount of tax required, and in many cases eliminate it altogether.  There are specific rules that must be followed by Canadians selling their properties here in AZ, and we are in a unique position to help our clients follow these rules and at the same time reduce the amount of taxes that must be paid.

Our goal is to make the buying or selling process as simple and pleasurable as possible. We understand that you probably have a lot of questions. We’re here to answer them for you.


The Loonie currently sits around 75 cents against the US dollar with experts predicting not much change in the near future . This sounds like bad news but, there are a number of ways Canadians can lessen this impact including obtaining US financing of their purchase. We’re happy to be able to provide our clients with a number of trustworthy lenders.


Greater Phoenix, like most large cities is made up of many markets. Generally speaking, the higher prices homes in the best locations have seen less depreciation than lower prices homes in the outlying areas.

The single most dominate factor in the greater Phoenix Real Estate market has been forclosed, bank owned homes. Also know as REO’s (real estate owned)

The easy credit markets of a couple of years ago led many people to buy homes way over their means and many bought multiple properties as investments. The thought then, was real estate would continue it’s wild ride upward. Builders were adding tens of thousands of new homes to the market as well. Of course nothing lasts forever and the market started to correct itself.

The market bottomed in late 2011. Prices stayed flat for a while then started to recover in 2012. We have now seen appreciation of as much as 30% in the low end of the market as of June 2013. We fully expect this trend to continue, but at a less rapid pace.  As of mid 2019 we have seen steady moderate increases in home values. The market is expected to see between 3% to 5% growth moving into 2020.


There are some outstanding buys in the Phoenix area right now. Even though we’re off bottom at the lower end of the market, we’re still selling homes for less than half of what they were worth just a few years ago. Homes are still selling for less than they would cost to replace.

For our investor clients, you can still buy homes that will give you a decent return and now you’re buying in an appreciating market. This market has a long way to go up.

For our second home buyers, you can purchase a beautifull home for the cost of a couple of parking spots in Vancouver or Toronto.

Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the U.S. The economy is starting to turn around, the weather is great and baby boomers soon will start retiring in record numbers. It’s the perfect time to buy in Phoenix. Join the tens of thousands of Canadians who’ve already made the move.