local housing dataDr. Alexander J. Chandler arrived in the Valley in 1887 and pictured a cutting-edge city where Chandler now sits today. He saw land that held great potential and a surrounding desert that held unimaginable beauty. Utilizing the existing canal system of the Native Americans as a blueprint, Mr. Chandler created one of the most advanced irrigation systems in the country, converting the dry desert into farmable land. Water came from both the Salt River and an untapped resource, ground water, which brought new life to the desert. On May 17, 1912, the Town of Chandler was founded. Today Chandler, Arizona is still on the cutting edge. Chandler’s vision of creating a diverse city with a high quality of life has been realized. Chandler has become one of the leaders in the computer technology field. Chandler is a city of continuous growth and evolution. One man’s dream has become one city’s vision, as Chandler enters the 21st century continually looking toward the horizon.