local housing dataJust 35 miles west of Phoenix, the vibrant and growing community of Buckeye welcomes you. Rooted in the old west traditions of small town quality of life, family and burgeoning enterprise, Buckeye’s future is guided by the central principal of thoughtful, balanced growth. Buckeye is committed to preserving the best of its heritage while intelligently taking advantage of its current and future opportunities. Majestic mountain peaks surround the Town. Sun shines brightly more than 300 days a year. Friendly supportive people are your colleagues, neighbors and friends. Small town treasures are everywhere. . – Approximately 660 square mile planning area – 5,500 acres designed for industrial and commercial use – Over 300,000 homes planned – Population of 100,000 by 2010 – Intersected by 5 major highways – Convenient air and rail service – Site of Arizona’s largest groundwater aquifer.